Next Generation Shopping
Order and pay with your mobile phone, as easy as to take a selfie.
Make your payments cashless and without using a physical credit /debit card
Shop through your familiar mobile banking app without security concerns
Life is faster than ever, why not shopping! Order and pay even when you are walking
Shopping was never been that much easy
We ease the life for all by decreasing integration costs, time loss and enable customers to shop as simple as taking a photo
What is Moneymo?

Moneymo is a mobile shopping platform that allows retailers to take orders, recieve payments and run
their campaign and loyalty management systems via all banking applications and e-wallets.
It transforms all types of offline channels like stores, billboards, magazines
inserts and TV channels, into an online order and payment channel.

Banks offer their customers new gen. of campaigns and shopping experiences
while customers can shop safe and easy without sharing their credit card or address information

How does Moneymo work?
Enables costomers to order and pay in a secure environment
as easy as to take a selfie through mobile banking apps
  • 1Login to the mobile
    banking app
  • 2Select
    Pay with QR Code
  • 3Shop by scanning
    the QR code on the mobile phone app via any channel
  • 4Approve
    the payment
1Bankaların Mobil
Uygulamalarına Girilir
Login to your frequently used mobile banking application in your accustomed way
(password, finger print, etc.)
2Select, Pay with QR Code
Select, Pay with QR Code from the user interface brought to you by your favorite bank
3Shop by scanning the QR code on the mobile phone app via any channel
Bill Payments
Physical shop
Online Shopping
Pay at the door
Scan the QR Code of the goods you want to purchase or order, with your mobile phone’s camera
4Approve the payment
Complete shopping by choosing the credit card and delivery address and approving the payment
Areas of Use

Pay your bills instantaneously in daily rush,
Don’t have to wait at the payment queue or carry goods while shopping,
Don’t have to share credit card information at online shopping,
Don’t spend your time entering credit card information

  • Store
  • Bill Payments
  • Online Shopping
  • Billboard
  • Higher customer satisfaction, faster and more sales opportunity
  • Sales & marketing from any channel and ability to create new market places
  • Low infrastructure costs for ordering, payment and campaign channels
  • Cafe/Restaurant
  • Catalogue
  • Pay at the door
  • Supermarket
Moneymo Advantages
Enables banks and retailers to create unique experiences for their customers and speeds up shopping
For Mobile Applications
For Customers
For Retailers
Detailed Information
Efficient Market with A Collaborative Model
Enhances the cooperation between the parties through an integrated platform. Enables the market to develop more efficeintly at lower costs.
All Banking Applications
And E-Wallets
Member Merchant, Credit/Debit Cards, Campaign, Payment Services, Credit Services
All Retailers and Brands

Payment Services, Order Services, Loyalty, Campaign, Member Merchant, Credit, Channels, Marketing,
Experienced Team in Customer Experience and Finance
In 2016, our highly sophisticated team members with upto 20 years of expertise in Finance, CRM and ERP sectors at various international companies, came together under Moneymo Online IT Services, to innovate and disrupt the market.
Our main goal is to bring banks and retailers together on a unified platform to disseminate cashless/plastic cardless mobile payments across the market. Enhanced speed and frequency strengthens capital structures of Banks and Retailers thereby make them achieve better experiences at lower costs with higher efficiency for their customers.
Moneymo Team
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